Medford Cedar Products is one of the few appearance timber specialists in the New Jersey area. We have supplied jobs for homeowners, builders, colleges, and municipalities so our knowledge is hard to beat. Experience has helped us refine our process over the years so products are the best you can buy for the money. Rough sawn, smooth, clear, clear vertical grain…no problem. Need 40 pieces all 20′ lengths…no problem. Need 1 piece 10X10 that is 34 long? You got it

Species Available

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Atlantic White Cedar
  • Sapele Mahogany
  • Doug Fir
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar
  • Cherry

Clear vs Knotty

One of the first questions a potential buyer is faced with is do I do a clear or knotty grade. The easiest ways to determine which option is best for you are by using appearance and price as your guidelines. Structurally, both grades are comparable so strength is not compromised by either grade. Knotty grade is used more for its more rustic characteristics and natural variation between the grain and the knots. Knotty also is half of the price when compared to the clear. Clear lumber, on the other hand, has a more polished, consistent appearance and is generally used for higher end construction. Used for pergolas, fireplace mantles, timber frame construction and many other custom outdoor projects of bigger scale; we offer custom milling on all timbers so please see the custom shop page for more details.

Rough Sawn vs. Smooth Cut

Rough Sawn


Hand Hewn

Before machines were used to cut perfectly square beams, men used and adz to hand hewn raw materials to rough out dimensions. The hand hewn look has enjoyed a revival due to increased popularity in timber frame and log cabin construction but you don’t have to limit yourself just to recycled timbers which can be very expensive. We offer a hand hewning service where a local third generation barn builder comes to our location and hewns our timbers on site the way it was done pre-machinery!

Medford Cedar also is now stocking recycled 6X6 and 6X8 hand hewn RECYCLED oak beams and can get bigger or smaller dimensions usually within a week depending on the size.  Currently we can get pieces up to 24’ but inventory is always changing so planning is needed for larger sizes.  Great for mantles timberframe houses or just to get that rustic/vintage effect.